From installation, maintenance and repairs to providing you with the very best advice, Computer Techniques are experts in keeping you working

From installation, maintenance and repairs to providing you with the very best advice, Computer Techniques are experts in keeping you working



Your one stop shop for computer expertise

Whether you need help with choosing, buying, setting up, configuring, installing, troubleshooting, repairing or replacing a computer, Computer Techniques can help. We offer a complete computer support service for homes and offices across the area.










Located Locally

We are based close to Luton Airport and are ideally situated away from the town centre enabling free customer parking conveniently outside our shop

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Tel: 07784 167578

Keeping you working

Computer Techniques specialise in keeping your Laptop, PC or complete system running. If you use us you will benefit from:

- Over 26 years of experience

- Knowledgeable and friendly service

- Fully qualified system analysis

- Fixed prices

- Guaranteed repairs



A Selection of our Services

General Servicing

This service can range from a simple tidy up of the operating system where the machine is running slowly right up to a resetting of the machine back to its default state.

Builds & Upgrades

Why pay for software and hardware that you don't need? We'll discuss your requirements and build you a PC specifically to your needs, cutting out the unnecessary expense.

Hardware & Software Installation

Got a problem installing a piece of software? Bought a new graphics card and don't know how to install it? Drop your machine in and we'll use our 26 years of experience to solve your problems at minimal cost.

Data Backup and Retrieval

Computers fail, and sometimes you lose important files from your computer or your memory stick. In most cases, lost data can be completely, or at least partially recovered depending upon the type of the device. We maintain full client confidentiality and the back up copy is destroyed once we provide you with your recovered data.

Virus & Malware Detection & Removal

Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, Ransom-ware - some of the terms describing unwanted malicious programs that affect computers. We use advanced industrial-strength scanning techniques to remove the little varments! Often these unwanted additions have to be removed by hand  and our experience ensures safe removal without loss of data.

Hard Disk & Memory Upgrade

Running out of space for your music, pictures and movies? Disk full error messages? Slow disk access? Your computer probably needs a disk upgrade. We can identify and install a suitable upgrade for any make of machine. Remember, often disks need to be matched to your machine to ensure compatibility. Memory or RAM is perhaps the most important resource in your computer. More memory allows your computer to work better, and allows you to do more.

Wifi & Cable Networks

Problems with your WiFi? Not connecting to the Internet? In today's environment a robust connection is essential. If you have problems give us a call and we'll try to diagnose it over the phone.

Computer Cleaning Services

Laptop overheating? PC running erratically? These could both be the result of cpu fans beginning to fail. Before permanent damage is done why not drop in your machine and have our experts prevent a disaster by giving your computer a thorough checkup - surprising cost effective service.

Data Migration

Your data safe in its new home. We can help you move your data over to your new computer. Emails, pictures, documents, etc. And if you're switching platforms, we can even advise you how to do it on your new computer.

Tel: 07784 167578

Repairs and servicing

Whether you need a quick fix for a sudden problem, or you want a company in place for regular maintenance, Computer Techniques provide a fast and efficient service. We ensure that your critical computer equipment is always working when you need it.

Fast turnaround

Need help at short notice? Whilst software problems are often resolved the same day replacement parts can take a little longer. Our average turnaround time during 2013 however was an impressive 3.2 days!

Replacement parts

Quite often, parts can get broken or simply stop working. We are able to source and install replacement parts for almost all makes of computer. Most parts not held in stock are just 24 hours away.

We provide servicing for your brand of machine

We provide support for all major brands of computer equipment, so whatever you're using, we will always be able to help you out. We can provide diagnostics and repairs for all the main computer manufacturers

No long words, no jargon, no excuses

Just good old fashion repairs. Drop your machine in to us, we'll then analyse the problem as quickly as we can and before we spend any of your money we'll  contact you with a firm and fixed price to mend your machine. If, whilst the machine is under test, we identify any improvements we can make to the machine you'll be informed at the same time to discuss any further costs. All repairs carry a guarantee.

We don't sell sweets

We don't sell sweets, we just sell useful computer commodities and peripherals - hard discs, external caddies, wifi nano boosters, laptop protective bags and so forth. That's not to say that if you wanted a specific item we can't get it - we can, no problem. We leave it to the computer superstores to sell you sweets while we'll stick to selling the really useful items.





Refurbished Machines

We sell a range of selected used Laptops Netbooks and PC's. All machines are fully

refurbished according to the original manufacturers specifications and carry a full three month return to base warranty. Please phone for availability although we are trying to keep our website current.

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